Google Play Developer Console

Google Play Store block access to rooted devices

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/22/2017

The Google Play Store has also include a major feature renewal in addition to having made a graphic restyling. The change was discovered with the version

Nano-holograms will bring 3D in smartphones

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/21/2017

Nano-holograms have been part of our imagination since the dawn of science fiction. But now the fiction is beginning to overwhelm reality.

Nokia 9

Nokia 9: First real images, video and specs

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/21/2017

After rumors and more rumors, here are the first real images and information about Nokia 9, the first top of the range of the reborn Finnish brand.

Google Fuchsia

Google Fuchsia is a confirmed project independent of Android

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/20/2017

Among the absent ones during Google I/O 2017 there was definitely Google Fuchsia, the new operating system that has not appeared in any session for the

Android O

Android O integrates a native tool to manage audio effects in apps

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/20/2017

Over the last few years, Google has been trying to improve the audio quality and latency of its mobile operating system. A further step forward could be

New Android TV

New Android TV: Less space for traditional channels

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/19/2017

Android TV is getting ready to receive a substantial restyling with the arrival of Android O Developer Preview 2, announced a few hours ago during the I/O.

Android O Developer Preview 2

Android O Developer Preview 2: novelties and download

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/19/2017

Google releases the firt beta of Android O (since Developer Preview 1 was alpha) and now you can download and install the latest version of the OS.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps are now available to all developers

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/18/2017

From now on, all Android developers will be able to write their own app so that it can be run by the browser without having to install it on our smartphone

Google I/O 2017. Part II

What is Google I/O 2017 and what will be presented. Part II

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/18/2017

We continue with our guide of what can we discover during the event Google I/O 2017. During the keynote of opening, executives led by CEO Sundar Pichai

What is Google I/O 2017 and what will be presented. Part I

What is Google I/O 2017 and what will be presented. Part I

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas - 05/17/2017

From Android O to the new Fuchsia operating system, here’s all the news that Big G should present during Google I/O 2017 held in San Francisco and starting