About us

Hexamob 07/30/2012
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The use of smartphones, especially those that run on Android OS is growing exponentially, and with them the need and opportunity for users to extract the most out of their devices. Either as social media communications, entertainment, or using tools that help us in day to day. The apps have become part of our everyday life and from Hexamob want to help make it more fun, functional, aesthetic and safe.

Hexamob consists of a multidisciplinary team which controls all stages of creating an app. We work with enthusiasm from the feasibility analysis of a project to the design, programming and implementation of it in a continuously growing and changing market.

Our Departments

Human Resources

Human Resources ensures that we have people with exceptional talent in all areas of the company. Within this framework, there are numerous possibilities that are divided into several functions, all for the care of our partners and improving their work.


This department is creating exciting and compelling visions for our brands, using the knowledge gained from market research and our own experience. Also working in research, advertising, design and public relations strategies to create the best launch of our apps.


The Design Department is studying the complex relationship between humans and applications. With these data makes, modifies and improves our products every day to achieve a final result as spectacular as pleasant and adapted to any user.


Department dedicated to the analysis and implementation of our products. Continually intended to provide solutions to problems, almost impossible, and work to fully optimize every line of code and every resource, allowing to offer to users an end result that is simple and useful.

Customer Development.

The Customer Development Department evaluates business opportunities with more projection and incorporates them into our strategy and our innovation processes of the company to create new applications which are the ones you need.

Legal and Finance.

Finances are part of the heart of the company. They provide an objective view of the performance and analysis necessary to make decisions facing the future of the company. This department also advises on legal issues in our areas of activity and ensures the implementation and monitoring of the regulations and rules of application in our environment.