Add new Android phone or tablet

Hexamob 03/27/2013

It seems you have not found your device on our list. Dont worry, we can help you.

In order to add a new device in our database we need to know some information from your terminal. Please, using the form below, you can send us an email with the manufacturer (or brand), model and version of your Android smartphone or tablet. If your device can be rooted, we will reply your email as soon as possible to let you know your Android phone or tablet has been added to our database rooting guides. After that, you will be able to enter to Hexamob website to root your Android device following the steps of the available rooting guides for it.

Where is the Android version? And model?

You can find all this information in your Android phone menu and then
Apps menu > Settings > About phone > Model number
Apps menu > Settings > About phone > Firmware version (Android version)

Please, fill the form only if your Android phone or tablet is not included in our database .

You can check it here

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