Xiaomi Mi A1 best mid-range Android

Hexamob 01/29/2018
The Xiaomi Mi A1 has been the Android smartphone with the best quality-price rate in Q3 2017. This has caused that even Xiaomi has exceeded the sales forecasts of this Android device. The Mi A1 is a quality Android, with good processor, acceptable battery and other excellent specifications for most Android users.

Xiaomi is known for making cheap devices but at the same time with high features for almost any user of Android smartphones. The Mi A1 is an example of this with balanced specifications running Android One and for a very low price. It is difficult to find Android devices that can compete with Xiaomi models in terms of price. In general, any other manufacturer that presents a smartphone like those of Xiaomi is often forced to put a price higher than the equivalent product of the Chinese manufacturer.


If we add to all this that Xiaomi has begun its international expansion entering new markets and finally leaving China we can think that the future of the Asian company can be very promising. The success of Xiaomi with the Mi A1, Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, Redmi A, Redmi Note, … until Redmi Note 4 or the Mi5, Mi5s, Mi6 has given it the possibility to expand and enter markets where so far it only came through online sales.

We must also have in mind that Xiaomi not only manufactures smartphones but that its range of products are very varied, smart TV, tablets, vacuum cleaners, sports shoes, … the Chinese giant has diversified its business strategies and apparently any of they find it profitable, always competing with the rest of manufacturers following the strategy of offering excellent products with good quality but always with a lower price than all its competitors. And when we say “inferior to its competitors” … we refer to “very inferior to its competitors”. The Mi A1 is another example of this strategy.

We will see if in the coming months the rest of manufacturers choose to follow a strategy similar to Xiaomi although for the moment they remain stuck in offering products with good characteristics but with prices so high that they can not compete with Xiaomi prices. Currently not only online buyers choose Xiaomi to buy their products as in some European countries have already opened stores where users who do not make purchases online can purchase Xiaomi devices. We will see how long the competitors of the Asian brand resist this strategy that so good results in sales is giving.