Nokia now deny the return to the smartphones market

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 04/27/2015

Rumor had it, but it was short-lived.

The division of terminals (among others) of Nokia fell to Microsoft, but not the exclusive use of the brand. The Finnish company has left Lumia smartphones in the hands of Redmond company, but they had returned to the market with a tablet, the Nokia N1, and many had dreamed (or dream) and speculated on the possibility of a future return to the market of smartphones.

The limitation that prevents the use of brand Nokia for smartphones ends on December 31 of this year, so the legendary brand could return with new devices to its name in 2016. That possibility has given rise to many rumors, speculating even with Android smartphones with their name, but since Nokia just settle the matter.

Nokia now deny the return to the smartphones market 1

“Nokia reaffirms that currently has no plans to manufacture or sell phones to consumers.” So clear is the holder of the note of just three lines in which the Finns make it very clear. Nokia refers to the latest news, alleging that were planning to manufacture new smartphone in China, adding that the statements attributed to personnel of Nokia Networks are totally false.

Nokia now deny the return to the smartphones market 2

The latest rumors, as have been many who have arrived since the company passed into the hands of Microsoft, Nokia pointed to already be down to work. Their strategy would be to design a smartphone that would be manufactured in China. In addition, other sources claimed that this time the Nordic brand would have chosen Android operating system for its return. Neither design or manufacture, or sell.

But we will not see, at least for now, another brand that designs but leaves other manufacturing or abandonment of Windows Phone for Android, with the dusts that this rise. At the moment, because you never know, they wanted nostalgic around a brand that was it, but will have to resign: Nokia does not return.

Nokia now deny the return to the smartphones market