Marshmallow seems to be the final name for the new Android

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 08/15/2015

One of the most desirable developments for the current year related to our operating system is the Android M version. Although it is still at an early stage developer testing, the improvements are remarkable and will be the real leap in performance and energy efficiency promised but never arrived with Lollipop, on the contrary, we are still suffering from all kinds of problems such as leaks and unjustified RAM consumption.

Returning to the subject, a detail that we still do not know is with which name will Google baptize their next version of Android. We have been hearing all kinds of sweet names starting with ‘M’, but at no time the Mountain View giant has said nothing at all and remains a complete mystery, certainly the same case happened with the current Lollipop version.

Nat and Lo, two employees at Google have their own YouTube channel and have posted a nice video masquerading as ‘androids’ in the GooglePlex, location of the ‘Android lawn statues’. The goal of the video is simply to generate a mystery and invite all video viewer begin to question what will be the next name in the history of Android.

Candidates are few indeed, we found some as Milkshake, Macaroon, Mocha, Muffin, etc. But if we reach the end of the video a person appears on a blank painting workshop which would be half an Android doll, curiously reminiscent of the marshmallows. Coincidence or intentional?

It may be a clue that sympathetically and without saying a word we approach to begin to call it Android Marshmallow. Although it is hearsay, now no physical evidence that could approach one of the names that shuffles Google about the next version of Android.

Marshmallow seems to be the final name for the new Android