Android M Developer Preview 2 in depth

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 07/11/2015

We are already seeing the light at end of tunnel regarding the final version of Android M, but while the Mountain View company continue to refine the system with the best performance and minimum errors. Now, Android M Developer Preview was just upgraded to the second version.

Some users have been able to download and install it. Thanks to those people, we will detail what new features and enhancements come with Android M Developer Preview 2, in addition to the usual bug fixes and other problems, which also are quite remarkable, including some visually.

Among the main changes, Google has highlighted the changes in permits for some sections, such as external storage, the location for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, contacts, and connection via USB (now we approve permits if we use the transfer mode), as well as changes in APIs, and a couple of bug fixes reported by developers. However, there have been more changes, and probably some more interesting for users. Then we leave you with a video of 9to5Google in which they give an overview of the changes:

So, as seen in the video, we can highlight the following:

  • New application drawer (the vertical displacement is kept)
  • Landscape mode on the desktop
  • Icons enable or disable in the status bar (all but the battery and clock)
  • Enable battery percentage in icon
  • Fast scroll in menu widgets
  • New design and more options in the menu of RAM
  • New design and file browser menu storage
  • Option “Delete” screenshot directly from the notification
  • Direct access to the advanced settings of apps on their menu
  • Indication in the configuration of the number of applications accepted for each Apps permit
  • Developer demo mode
  • It removed the dark theme

No one can deny to Google the efforts made over the years to provide an operating system with good performance, good design, much freedom, secure (of course never secure enough), and ultimately, a comprehensive system that can not only compete with the competition, but to continue to lead with a difference every day more overwhelming.

Perfection is a utopia in any field, but there is no doubt that they are working to at least approach it. There can always be problems -see the numerous bugs in Android 5.0 Lollipop-. Now, we can only wait for Android M will be better than anything we’ve seen before, and it seems that it is on track.

Android M Developer Preview 2 in depth