NO.1 X-MEN X1 exclusive 1949deal presale promotion

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 01/6/2015

NO.1 X-MEN X1 is a smartphone that stands out for its resistance to all kinds of elements and its huge 5800 mAh battery which is undoubtedly one of the largest that has been mounted to date on a commercial roll smartphone in the world, surpassing the THL 5000 as its name suggests. Now 1949deal is offering an NO.1 X-MEN X1 exclusive presale promotion by which the price becomes of $169.99, instead of the usual $179.99. Also, you can find it in three different colours: NO.1 X-MEN X1 Yellow, NO.1 X-MEN X1 Black and NO.1 X-MEN X1 Grey.

Activity Conditions:

1. Like the Facebook page of 1949deal and NO.1 Phone, leave a comment on the promotion page @1949deal and @NO.1 Phone (please pay attention to capital and small letters). Only success to like and comment , you can get $ 3 coupon.

2. Time: January 1st, 2015 – January 15th, 2015 (Europe time).

3. After the deadline, we will count the number of the person who success to join our promotion activity. The units digit of total number will be the lucky number, then if your units digit is the lucky number, you will get $10. For example, if there are 579 person who like, leave comments@1949deal and @NO.1 Phone, the “9” is lucky number, the 9th, 19th, 29th, 39th, …, 579th will get $10 coupon.

4. Promotion price: $169.99, Original price: $179.99.

NO.1 X-MEN X1 exclusive 1949deal presale promotion 1

NO.1 X-MEN X1 has an aspect that leaves no doubt that it is a terminal designed to survive all circumstances, thought to risk professions, sports such as mountaineering or cycling and also for those very clumsy people who keeps falling their smartphones to water or floor.

NO.1 X-MEN X1 exclusive 1949deal presale promotion 2

The smartphone features IP68 certification, which means it is resistant to both freshwater dips as dust intrusion. Can be submerged without problems up to 2 meters, as mentioned, on freshwater, which is ideal and allow you to take it with you to the pool or on the beach if you are a diver or an accomplished swimmer.

NO.1 X-MEN X1 exclusive 1949deal presale promotion 3

Despite its ultra rugged design and appearance of being a beast smartphone, there is neither a heavy smartphone or a heavy object , and its measures are 154.3 x 85 x 15.8 mm and weighs 320 grams. But NO.1 X-MEN X1 not only stands out for its strength, also incorporates the largest battery we’ve seen to date on a smartphone, with capacity for 5,800 mAh will allow you to hold in standby mode for 50 days and with intensive use around 4 to 5 days. As you can see, it is an indestructible Smartphone.