Winter has arrived to Hay Day!

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 12/13/2014

Hay Day does not lower its pace and continues with its policy of constant updates. Taking advantage of the winter theme, SuperCell brings a lot of new features to the game.

The most significant news is the addition of a new type of animals: ducks. We will find them in the fishing area, where we can repair the Duck Salon and raise them. To catch a duck, we can use a trap specially design for ducks, in a similar way that we catch lobsters. Then, we can raise them in the Duck Salon, where we will be able to collect feathers. With those feathers, we can manufacture new products, such as Pillows and Blankets.

The Duck Salon is available from level 50, and it is a great incentive for players who are in the middle-high levels, where new features are increasingly scarce.


In addition, we can find some new practical organization. For example, if we go into the experience points star, we will see the upcoming events and the new features that will be activated on the next level. In the poster next to the train, we cansee the demands of the villagers, organized by local. In this way, we can prepare the products that we will need without having to go into town and check room by room asking us citizens.

The information from the sellers that appears in the newspaper has also been increased. Now, in addition to the product, price and seller, we can also see the level of experience that seller has. So now we know which products may be found in their store apart from the one listed on the ad.

On the boat we also find changes. Now we will have an additional help to fill a cargo with the assistance of the neighborhood. Also, when we need any help, an automatic message will appear on the board of the neighborhood with a direct access to the farm requesting it.

Another highly anticipated improvement concerns breaks during maintenance. Until now, if there was a pause, time on the farm did not stop. That meant that if we had hired the services of Tom, we could lose a few hours of its services due to maintenance pause. From now on, time will also stop, so that we can take fully advantage of the diamonds invested in hiring his services.


Hay Day and Clash of Clans are the most successful games from SuperCell. Much of its success is due to strong community behind them, and it seems like with each update the demands that come from their own forums materialize.

Hay Day is free, but it includes in-app purcases to accelerate the processes. However, you can get perfectly to the highest levels without paying anything. It is one of the games with better balance between in-app purchases and free game play that currently exist.

You can download Hay Day for free from the Play Store.