Twitter for Android gets v4.0 – New extended tweets and interface

Hexamob 04/4/2013
 width= Twitter has just released an update to its official app for Android. Twitter 4.0 for Android has a new design with Holo interface. Now, any  Twitter user can read suggestions of usernames and hashtags while is writing a tweet and tab categories can be moved from one section to another sliding your finger over them. But the more important changes are in the tweets. The new extended tweets, known as Twitter Cards, will let users send more beautiful messages. Next to the current summary, photo and video are added the application, products and galleries. Another good improvement is the files management. Now, when  someone shares a file from any app we can open the file with this app from Twitter directly or if the app is not installed we will be redirect to Google Play to the same application to install it. :-)
Good job Twitter!