Twitter announces Vine for Android

Hexamob 06/4/2013
Good news for all Android users but specially for Twitter fans. Twitter has announced Vine app for Android smartphones, a long-awaited app by many Twitter users. The app was available only on iOS platform but finally Twitter has port this wonderful app to Android. The Android version required to run Vine correctly is Android 4.x (ICS or Jelly Bean), sorry for many Android 2.3.x users. Actually, the Android version of Vine is not as complete as the iOS version but Twitter says that the Android version will be updated periodically and very fast to include all the features currently available on iOS. In next weeks they will add Facebook sharing options, hashtags, front-facing camera support,…However, Android users can be happy because Twitters says that users of the green platform will enjoy new features only available in the Android version of Vine and actually only Android users are getting one feature that’s not available for iOS (ZOOM). In last years, social networks have experienced a very large increase of users and competition is becoming more difficult. Who does not stand out for something that catches a lot of attention from users ‘lose the race’. Therefore, each of them are looking for improvements that differentiate their product competition. It’s possible that Twitter could make this through Vine. Share photos and videos are techniques very useful to catch the interest of users. vineforandroid300 Twitter is saying that Vine has actually more than 13 million active users on, a very good number. Sure it can be because of the app is very easy to use, something very important to be used by many amateur film makers who are a very big amount of users. An intuitive user interface and other useful features like quick sharing functions are very important in order to make the app confortable to use by all users. I’m sure this Vine app will make very happy to many newAndroid users but specially long-time Twitter users that were waiting for this function to share videos with their followers. Enjoy it!
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