The Sims Mobile soon on Android and iOS smartphones

Hexamob 05/13/2017

Electronics Arts has just announced the official debut of The Sims on mobile devices, in a totally extended version.

17 years have passed since the release of the first timeless real-life simulator, better known to the people of video game lovers like The Sims, born out of the ingenious idea of Will Wright.

The entire series, which came to the fourth chapter on PCs and consoles, has been able to sell over 100 million copies, and after The Sims Freeplay, which continues to be updated and generating content, Electronic Arts and Maxis have recently announced a new spin-off exclusively for Android and iOS.

The Sims Mobile will be a kind of merger between the PC and Freeplay series, where creativity and social simulation will come to a level never seen before, while the gamer will be free to venture into his own fantasy when creating his own home and his own Sims.

The goal is to be able to offer the same gaming experience as the first version for PC. According to developers this The Sims playable on smartphone is the full version of the game where we can change the physical appearance of our Sims in detail as they do a good job and build social ties and furnish their homes.

The Sims Mobile | Features

  • Customize your Sims with exclusive look, combs, dresses and accessories.
  • Choose different personality traits and life goals.
  • Customize the looks and disposition of your Sim’s homes, and embellish with different furnishings, home appliances, decorations and more.
  • Organize and participate in parties with other Sims to socialize, showcase your extraordinary home, get rewards and create new relationships.

The launch trailer reveals some gaming sessions, typical of The Sims series. The release is expected on Android and iOS, anticipating a short soft launch exclusive to Brazil. Meanwhile, an official release date has not yet been announced on iOS and Android but the wait should not be long.