Super Mario Run will be available for Android

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 09/8/2016

Nintendo has launched the official site of Super Mario Run, the first official game of Super Mario available for Android and iOS: as stated on the site, the game will arrive in December 2016 for iPhone and iPad, and you can download it for free with the option to buy additional content in-app.

Super Mario Run, however, will not be exclusive for iOS, at least not permanently: as stated by Nintendo itself to Kotaku website, the Japanese company has already said it plans to release the game for Android “in the future”, though it is not known yet when. That probably means that Apple will be have the chance to get an exclusive time of Super Mario Run, so you can show the Nintendo game on the App Store for only a limited time.

Obviously, there are agreements with Apple (economic) well defined as you could tell by the presence of the same Shigeru Miyamoto at Keynote yesterday. For this reason, it will debut on iOS in December before the following conversion for Android, postponed to next year. In both cases, Super Mario Run will be released first in the demo version and then as a full game, but definitely not as a Free To Play title, since its reputation precedes it.

On Nintendo’s official site are meanwhile provided some details about the game: “In this game, Mario constantly moves forward through the courses while you use a variety of jumps to navigate. Mario will behave differently depending on the timing of your taps, so it’s up to you to show off particularly smooth moves, gather coins, and reach the goal,” says the website, which then goes on to describe the three modes of game.

As you can see from the trailer, Super Mario Run is none other than the classic Mario we see from about thirty years on consoles, this time in endless runner version. Although Mario continues to stand alone, the goal is to collect coins and complete the levels, even in a challenge mode which compares the records of the other players.

Super Mario Run will be available for Android