Samsung patents a foldable smartphone with projector

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 01/4/2016

Although the years go by, some things never change, one of them is to see how the manufacturer Samsung is still on the front pages of the media in the mobile sector because of all the news that there are around this manufacturer based in South Korea. When we talk about Samsung devices, we see how the manufacturer has released in the past year many models and each of them different.

The last year started showing the world a first smartphone with curved display under the name Galaxy S6 Edge, being the first devices with curved screen in the market, which may mark a new trend for manufacturers of mobile devices. It seems that within the company have the motto “Everything is possible” and the result of this is to see the variety of devices that have been made by the Korean manufacturer.

That said, we have news related to future devices of the Asian company. Many of these news reaches us through the publication of patents. In these patents we can see different ideas and concepts that the company has, although not all patents represent a product that we see finally in the market. One of the latest patents relating to Samsung is what has revolved around and what looks like a foldable smartphone with projector.

Samsung patents a foldable smartphone with projector 1

Foldable smartphones are nothing new in the market, but it would be if it has a folding screen element. In this patent you can see a concept of what Samsung could make in the future. The design concept is peculiar since we saw it in the famous Nintendo game console, the Nintendo DS. The documents also found something interesting we have already mentioned above. We’re talking about this concept of a projector device as well. A smart device with a projector is not new as we have seen it when Lenovo or Samsung itself have launched their own products.

But nevertheless, the fact that the screen of this smartphone is foldable and comes combined with a projector, makes this Samsung patent interesting. As explained for the first rumors, one of the features of this projector would be to project holographic images. Nothing more is known about the possible end of the Korean manufacturer, all we know is everything that shows the patent and some rumor about the device capabilities. So we expect to have more information about this folding screen smartphone of Samsung.

Samsung patents a foldable smartphone with projector