Samsung Galaxy S4 will be launched officially on 14th March

Hexamob 02/25/2013
 width= Finally, it’s official. Samsung Galaxy S4 will be launched officially on 14th March in New York, as confirmed at MWC responsible for the mobile division of Samsung. It seems Samsung want to generate expectation with the new device because they have decided not to launch Galaxy S4 at MWC, presumably to separate the launch of the S4 device from other new devices of competitors like Sony, presenting some new devices like Sony with the new Sony Xperia Tablet Z, LG with the new Optimus G or HTC with the wonderful HTC One. It can be a good marketing strategy to delay the launch of a new device until others manufactures have submitted all their models together and thus distinguish it from the rest. You have to take into account that the days of the MWC are full of ads and information and many users may end up saturated with so much information. In addition, it seems Samsung prefers to present the new device alone in the U.S. and thus try to win the demanding American customers. Anyway, the buzz about the new device is growing and we are confident that launch next March 14 will have much impact. We’ll let you know all the details about it.  width=