Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9502 leaked in a chinese forum

Hexamob 03/11/2013
samsung galaxy s4 gt-i9502In next days previous to the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be leaked many specs of the new device. Last information leaked has arrived from a chinese forum which has posted pictures of a new Samsung smartphone referenced like GT-I9502. It’s normal to think this is the new S4 device but there is no offical information about it. In the images of the forum we can see the specs obtained from a Benchmar and they reveal next specifications: Processor 1.8Ghz, Full HD screen,2GB of RAM, 13MP camera and Android 4.2.1 version.Although features can be perfectly part of the new device because they are very powerful, we will have to wait until next March 14 to find out if this information is correct. Time will confirm that!