Sacred Legends is available for iOS and Android

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 09/13/2016

Deep Silver FISHLABS and Chimera Entertainment live up to their word and, before the end of summer, Sacred Legends has been released on the App Store and Google Play. The new episode is free-to-play for iOS and Android in the Sacred Legends series edited by Chimera Entertainment.

Sacred Legends proposes to fans of the saga the eternal struggle between the forces of good and evil through a more immediate and simple narrative language gaming, a story divided into chapters to overcoming the creatures that populate each level of the main campaign and to the cooperative multiplayer arenas.

As the game description says: The gates of hell are wide open. It’s up to the heroes to save Ancaria. Fight against creepy monsters, collect epic equipment, forging magical items and become a powerful hero in Sacred Legends. Play at the new Sacred Legends game on your smartphone and your tablet, and you will find real-time 3D battles; use unique skills to defeat the legions of evil and face epic boss battles; integrated asynchronous multiplayer; recruit your friends in your team; flexible character development, collect powerful equipment and molds epic items; three different kinds of characters, play as a warrior, an archer or a serafina; walk Ancaria from east to west, explore a vast world of game full of wonders and dangers. Everything created specifically for mobile devices, an exciting game system and special touch controls for smartphones and tablets.

The heroes of Ancaria waits for all those who decide to download Sacred Legends on their tablet or smartphone on iOS and Android: in the meantime, check out the video and the some images to get an idea of ​​the experience of the game offer by title. A co-op action RPG created by two major German leaders in the mobile device market. The iOS version and Android version of Sacred Legends can be downloaded for free from their app stores.

Sacred Legends puts players in the shoes of the brave heroes for rescuing the unfortunate kingdom of Ancaria by a terrible and inexorable threat. However, the road to victory is long, difficult and full of fierce battles against hordes of ruthless enemies. While players can support each other on the battlefield, they can also collide against each other in the PVP arena. Thanks to its realistic 3D graphics and a serious tone, Sacred Legends offers a full RPG experience. The application fits all the key elements of the classic fantasy game for the mobile devices.

Sacred Legends is available for iOS and Android