Pocket Casts 4.4 available on the Play Store

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 11/18/2013

Pocket Casts 4.4 available on the Play Store

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcasts apps available on the market. It is developed by ShiftyJelly PTY LTD and optimized for iOS and Android. A few months ago, Pocket Casts upgraded to version 4.0 with a huge redesign. Since then, the company added minor changes until the last version released a few days ago, Pocket Casts 4.4.1.

Pocket Casts supports audio and video podcasts, and has different features to manage you downloads, such as discovery and playlists. You can download new episodes automatically, and when you are in a hurry, you can also listen o watch en episode before it has fully downloaded. Pocket Casts uses server-based podcast parsing, which saves bandwidth and time when checking for new episodes. The Dicover tab gives access to recommended and top trending shows, as well as categories for different topics. Many popular podcasts are directly available, but if you want show which is not listed in Pocket Casts, you can add it by pasting URL in the main search box.

Pocket Podcasts

The last 4.3 versions included some minor changes in the design to make the app smoother and faster, and now the new 4.4 version brings a few more changes. The new features are:

– Tapping the trash can once again deletes the file and the episode too – Extra bug fixes for good measure – Lock screen seek bar & high res artwork – Ability to change the country for the top podcasts list – Bulk add and remove from playlist – Lots of visual tweaks, improvements and bug fixes – Shinier icon

As always, the subscriptions, podcasts, playlists and progress can be synced with your other devices. Pockest Casts runs on on iPhone, iPad and Android, and sync is supported everywhere.

You can get it from the Play Store for $3.99.

More information at Shiftyjelly.