NFC Ring. Geak Ring. Will there be a future Google Ring?

Hexamob 07/23/2013

Geak Ring

Chinese manufacturer named Geak has introduced in recent days its NFC ring, a ring with a programmable NFC tag, it can perform different tasks that we usually make with our Android smartphone or tablet. Geak is working very hard to take advantage in the complicated market of smartphones, smart watches and Android in general. But, what can this ring make? The ring of this Chinese company can be programmed to manage the security of your smartphone or Android tablet. For example, you can set up the ring to let it to unlock automatically your phone or tablet when you hold the phone or tablet in the hand with the ring. At first, it seems a silly feature but it can be quite useful if we save many times the step of introducing the unlock pattern. It can also be configured to control multimedia applications using gestures in our Android phone or tablet, open doors so the keys would stop being useful , share information about web links or contacts with the device of a friend via WiFi, etc. .. . Another advantage is that NFC ring does not need battery to run because it is a passive programmable NFC chip. At the moment, the ring is controlled only by the application that the manufacturer has installed on its own brand mobiles but it would not be surprising if the ring would have acceptance by users, the software could be installed on Android phones and tablets of other manufacturers. This ring is known as Geak Ring and appears on the Geak manufacturer’s website at a price about 25€.  title=

Google Ring could be the alternative

We’ve to take into accountthat the use of a physical element as a security tool has been used for a long time in large companies but the fact that everyone has to wear the same physical object as an identification tool is something that manufacturers are taking like a problem because of the no widespread acceptance from users and therefore no one has yet decided to make a large amount of this type of element.
It seems that Google Labs researchers are working for some time on the idea of a physical object that manages security in the access to the Mountain View company services. The use of a ring (Google Ring would be a good description) could be the solution seizing the moment of recognition that has Android worldwide. A physical element that was fashionable joined to some good marketing campaigns might have a great acceptance by users of Android mobile devices and NFC chip could be the key to it all. It would really be very comfortable not having to enter passwords for each of the services Google offers. Time will bring us the answer.