The new amazing family of Kindle Fire HDX tablets

Hexamob 10/17/2013

The new amazing family of Kindle Fire HDX tablets

-Emma Rossinyol-

Amazon has improved its tablets with the best technology available in the market. The new Kindle Fire HXD family not only can compete with the best Apple and Android rivals, but also have developped flatter and faster tablets with an incredibly low price.

The different models presented last week cover a range of characteristics, from the most basic one (the $199 last year Kindle Fire HD tablet, available now for $139) to the amazing 8.9’’ Quad-Core 2.2 GHz (2 GB RAM) Kindle Fire HDX, with the highest- resolution screen available on the market (2560 x 1600, 339 ppi) and the fastest processor. All of them run the latest version of Fire OS (3.0 “Mojito”), which include cloud services and an interface focused on content.

The most remarkable news is the price. This technological jewel costs only $379. The reason that Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos gave was that the company expects to gain money from the people when they use the devices, not from the sell of the device itself. Following this principle, the Kindle tablets are designed with a content-forward user interface, focused on consumption – books, music, video and games.


Another remarkable feature is the battery. It promises 11 hours of mixed use and 17 hours of reading, surpassing any other tablet available in the market.

Despite all this impressive characteristics, there is another revolutionary detail. Amazon has made a step forward regarding the costumer assistance. The button “Mayday” connects you directly with an Amazon expert, who can help you with any problem you may have – with the tablet or with the shopping! It’s a free service available 24 hours 365 days a year, and while you can see your advisor, they cannot see you, even though they can co-pilot your Kindle or draw on your screen.

Amazon also offers a new magnetic jacket named Origami which folds into landscape or portrait orientation. It’s available in eight colors for a price between $49.99 (polyurethane) and $69.99 (leather).

More information at Amazon Kindle Fire HDX.