Motorola X confirmed for October and built in the United States

Hexamob 06/3/2013
Good news for all Motorola fans. Motorola CEO, Dennis Woodside has revealed there is a X Phone created by Motorola and it will be made in the U.S. and not in China as usual. This confirms all rumors about the existence of a new Android phone made by Motorola and sure it will make very happy a lot of users that always have enjoy very good phones of this manufacturer. The Moto X will be a reference about how Google will give an Android experience in this new age for the big G company. The Moto X will be launched in October probably, as usual in the portfolio of Motorola. More details on the Moto X be the number of sensors that it will incorporate, more than we already have in our smartphones. These sensor will be able to tell whether we are in the car, if it’s in your pocket,… So, it will save battery when it will be in the pocket, or it will activate the camera if you have set up this. It will bring us many options customized for our typical actions along the day and it will make our lifestyle more confortable. Sure.
Motorola CEO, Dennis Woodside reveals that the Moto X will be built in the U.S. and most of its parts come from the U.S. So, normally it could means that the price must be bigger than other devices built outside the U.S. But, Motorola is making some steps to keep the Moto X in a low price. So, all their efforts are focused on getting prices much tighter than those currently prevailing in the market. Dennis says that this new terminal has already seen by Google so it means the Moto X has been approved by Google. I’m sure this Moto X phone will be expected by many Android fans and it will be a bestseller because it will be the first phone made by Motorola and Google together. Here you can watch a video about the interview to the Motorola CEO, Dennis Woodside.
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