Motorola brings Continuum to Android

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 06/13/2016

Last week, on the occasion of Lenovo Tech World held in San Francisco, Lenovo unveiled its new series of top of the range smartphones: the Moto Z, but also introduced OneCompute (and Continuum), which in practice means the ability to connect your phone to monitor and keyboard via a dock, and then you can take advantage of Android on the big screen and the smartphone will replace your PC.

On the other hand, it is clear that the implementation offered by Lenovo is still rough concept and far from being considered ready. Coontinuum is probably still developing a more mature and functional feature, and designed to take advantage of the smartphone-monitor combination. It’s possible to use the phone as a touchpad and keyboard, projecting Continuum on any screen of a computer running Windows 10 Anniversary Update and take advantage of the USB type C port present on the dock, absent on the Lenovo module.

So, as you can see, this feature is something we already saw with Microsoft (not surprisingly, some say that Android is copying Microsoft here). Crucial is, then, the user experience with Microsoft, formed by the 90% of users already accustomed to the interface desktop of Windows 10, which form the basis of this feature target, however it means nothing against Android interface to be used with mouse and keyboard. First let’s start by showing you a video of the feature presented:

Despite the OneCompute module does not represent a danger to Microsoft, we join those who see the Chinese concept as a reason for the American brand to overcome all those (many) limitations on Continuum from a multitasking not yet up and the inability to use the multiwindows, a feature that users like since the presentation of Windows 10, probably because of the capacity of existing processors and GPU of smartphones and an operating system not yet fully “universal”.

Nothing to worry about in the near future for Microsoft, but one thing is certain, now all the brands follow the example of Microsoft and are chasing the route now marked out by hybrid devices, trying to offer more or less competitive solutions to stay alive in the technology of the future market.

Motorola brings Continuum to Android