Why to use WeChat in front of Whatsapp or Line (Android/iOS/WindowsPhone and others)

Hexamob 05/17/2013
WeChat is free for download and offers, free of charge, send voice messages, videos, images and text. It’s multi-language and multi-platform be present in Android Google Play Store, iOS AppStore and Windows Phone MarketPlace and it already has over 300 million users worldwide. But, why to use WeChat?


It’s free. Unlike Whatsapp,the license expiration is something that should never happen with WeChat.


You can talk with face-to-face easily. In addition, the user can switch between voice and video dynamically, without having finished the call online. It’s very useful if you are talking with a contact and you are losing WIFI connection. You will be able to switch to voice chat very quickly and no mobile data consumption will be charged.


WeChat offers a high quality voice chat Push to talk (“Walkie Talkie style”). Useful to communicate long messages and you can begin to practice Radio Vocabulary such as “Charlie-Charlie”,”Oscar-Oscar”,… ;-)


WeChat allows users to download emoticons from online folder or choose your own from the album of your phone. With what was faced directly with the stickers of Line. In addition, a great selection of emoticons is available in a default selection.


With WeChat, the user no longer has to report to other users if connected or off. It respects your privacy. Furthermore, it doesn’t show any notification to your contacts about if the message was sent or not. Many people are dislike with this feature of Whatsapp and here there is no problem about it. In addition, the user choose who to connect because WeChat calls for the approval of the same before you can post a message. Other platforms allow anyone with a user number, send a message and sometimes users are bother with unkown messages.


– WeChat allows you to make a connection by Facebook profile and share anything you want with friends. And finally, a very important feature is Web WeChat, which allows you to chat with anyone from a computer. Your friends doesn’t need to be in front of a smartphone. They can be at home in their computer talking with you. That’s awesome. It’s free. Try it and tell us your opinion. :-)