LG is testing its new LG G2 in the stratosphere. Watch the Video!

Hexamob 08/28/2013

LG has normally good ideas to make ads of their products in a very original way. This time, the South Korean company has sent its new Android device LG G2 in a balloon weather to the stratosphere to show the video recording capabilities of its new smartphone in extreme conditions. Keep in mind that the physical conditions to which an object is subjected to more than 25000m altitude represent a very important test to measure performance in extreme situations. The LG G2 has been tested as well you can see in the video below which shows that the system sensor sensitivity when there is a low light level and image stabilizer are excellent. Remember that this top level smartphone incorporates a camera with a 13 megapixel sensor and it can record FullHD 1080p videos.


LG G2 video at the stratosphere

In the following video you can watch the recording made by the LG G2 and as you will watch the result is very good considering the conditions that affect the recording at the stratosphere are much more difficult from which we can find on the ground. In my opinion, an original and very aesthetic way to convince Andriod users to acquire this new mobile phone. We have to take into account how hard it is to keep up that is making Samsung , LG continues to improve their products and even innovate by creating new screens have nothing to envy to those of Samsung. Actually, LG is still a good option to consider.
Source: LG Youtube channel