Humble Bundle 11 for PC and Android

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 09/29/2014

A new edition of Humble Bundle for PC and Android is ready. This is a collection of multiplatform games for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, all of them available with the usual conditions.

We can pay what we want and obtain the initial package of games, or we can pay a little more and get several more as bonus. The condition is that we need to pay above the average price. This time, there is also the choice of a fixed price that gives direct access to the blocked ones, regardless of the final price obtained in the bundle.

As always, the benefit goes to charity and we can give money to NGOs. For now, this is the list available so far. Within days, new titles are added to the offer.

Thomas Was Alone

It is an interesting game where you help Thomas, an orange rectangle, to discover the secrets of their existence through an incredible story narrated by Dany Wallace. This amazing strategy game features 100 levels and the controls and usability match the story.

Bridge Constructor Playground

It is a game of bridge construction which simulates the role of architects and constructors. We have to design and build all types of bridges adapted to the environment, for what we are going to need some knowledge of physics and a good dose of common sense.

Cubemen (1 and 2)

They are strategy games Tower Defense style. Both have a quick pace and 3D style, and we will use the small cube men to attack and defend our objectives. It has multiplayer mode and also offers several modes of individual play, from single missions to entire campaigns.

So far, this is the list of games that you are going to get if you pay what you want. For the next ones, you will exceed the average, currently set just over $ 6.

Small World 2

This is the adaptation of the board game that challenges us to conquer territories using the powers of different races. It also includes the Royal Bonus DLC, which was originally exclusive to those who participated in its crowdfunding.

Blackwell (1, 2 and 3)

Rosa Blackwell saw his aunt die after 20 years in coma and when he thought it was over, her problems began. One day a ghost appears and tells her that she is medium and has a family tradition to uphold.

If we decide to pay $ 11, we are going to get two extra games: Surgeon simulator and Defenders Anomaly.

Surgeon Simulator

As the name suggests, it is a surgery simulator. He was one of the games that obtained a great success in the PC version last year, and provides a good dose of fantasy and humor during the operations.

Anomaly Defenders

The latest title in the saga Anomaly challenges us to try to prevent that humans succeed in their ultimate mission: attack and destroy the home of the aliens who has invaded earth.

You can get all these titles in the Humble Bundle website.