How to root LG AKA LTE

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 11/17/2014

New rooting method for the LG AKA LTE, the new Android phone developed by the South korean company LG, created in 1947, but that took the abbreviated name “LG” in 1995 as an abbreviation of “Lucky Goldstar” in South Korea, which has been translated into English as Lucky Venus (Goldstar). Before, many of their electronic products were sold under the Goldstar brand, while other household products (not available outside South Korea) were sold under the brand name “Lucky”. The latter was famous for household cleaning products and laundry detergents in South Korea. Before massive industrialization of the South Korean company, Lucky name was synonymous with toothpaste.


New rooting method for LG AKA LTE coming soon, the new tablet phone by LG, the South Korean company specialized in electronic products, mobile phones, and petrochemical products production, one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world, developing technological advances in electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, employing more than 84,000 people today. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the largest electronic conglomerates in the world, the company has 75 subsidiaries worldwide. It is a brand of LG Group, manufacturer of electronic products, mobile phones and petrochemical products. For now there is no a reliable rooting method for the new LG AKA LTE.

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How to root LG AKA LTE