How to root HTC Droid DNA

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 04/13/2014

How to root HTC Droid DNA


1. Unlock Bootloader. Visit HTC bootloader ( and follow the steps. This will erase phone data

2. Download ClockworkMod or TWRP recovery (you can find them in the section “Download sources“) to your device and change the name to recovery.img

3. Download SuperSU and Busybox package and transfer them to the phone’s SD card.

4. Put the phone in Bootloader mode and connect it to your computer via USB.

5. On your computer make sure you are in the same folder where you downloaded the recovery file and use this command for flashing: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

6. Finally, reboot the device into recovery mode, flash SuperSU and Busybox package and restart the device.

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Check if your HTC Droid DNA is rooted correctly using our app “How to ROOT”.

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Remember, you must ROOT your Android device at your own risk.

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