How to root Archos 50 Oxygen+

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 03/21/2015

New rooting method for Archos 50 Oxygen+, the new phone by Archos.

Archos is a French multinational company that designs and sells electronic products including digital music players, media tablets and smartphones running Android and Windows. She was also known to have released in the 1990s, Overdrive drives (HDD and CD) for Commodore Amiga. Established in 1988, the name of this company is an anagram of Crohas who is the current chairman of the board and founder of Archos.

The company has become known in the market for digital music players. It was the first to market an MP3 player with a hard disk with the Jukebox 60005. In addition, it has also proposed the first Android tablet with a hard drive in 20095. She is also a pioneer of the video player on hard disk with the AV300 model output in June 20036. with the PMA400, Archos has expanded its business by offering multimedia acting PDA with dur7 the first disk drive.

Archos manufactures products primarily “TV-centric,” but also products “PC centric”, that is to say, the content comes from the Internet and “IP-centric,” able to connect themselves (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection). Indeed, Archos has also sold digital music players are capable of receiving digital terrestrial television (DTT) as directly with the AV700 TV or Archos 5 provided with the TV Snap-on accessory. Since then, the brand focuses on the marketing of products such as Android tablets with Generation 9 and telephones with Smart Home Phone.

Archos products are mainly sold in Europe. In late 2004, the satellite TV operator EchoStar Communications dollars8 invests 10 million in the company in exchange for Archos 26% completed. PocketDish is the brand under which the Archos players sold in the US by the Dish Network EchoStar Communications.

In 2012, Archos released the Archos 101 XS, innovation in tablets, the screen is detached from a keyboard provided with, which helps protect the screen and provide support for this one, via a fold-foot magnet.

In 2013, the company expands the range of products offered by launching two ranges of smartphones running Android operating system.


New rooting method for Archos 50 Oxygen+ coming soon.

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