Hay Day’s new Update!

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 01/13/2014

Hay Day’s new Update!

On January 8th came a new update of Hay Day, which includes several interesting features. We now have the possibility to play with a new pet (a donkey!) and a new building (a sandwich bar); and it also offers more options in fishing (as lures and nets). We will also find new achievements and decorations, like a winter carousel and pig balloon.

If you do not know the game, the theme is nothing new: we have a huge farm to rule. To succed, we must take care of the animals (chickens, cows and sheep) and the fields, with crops such as wheat and corn. With the products that we obtain (eggs, milk or bacon), we can make more sophisticated goods to be sold in the local market. In addition to these basic tasks, we also need to attend to the general maintenance of the farm and we will be involved in side missions proposed by our visitors or neighbors to get some extra money. And we can also do activities like go fishing or cooking.


One of the strongest points of the game are the graphics. The level of detail is very high, and the controls allow us an accurate and simple handling of the many tasks that can be performed. In contrast, the weakest point is the lack of originality. Hay Day looks very much like FarmVille, and it almost doesn’t introduce any new feature to traditional simulation game, but nevertheless it turns out to be highly addictive. The most unique characteristic about Hay Day is the actual trade between players. People can publish ads in the newspaper trying to sell his products, and they will arrive to the other players who can acquire them.

The game can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS, although it includes a collection of in-app purchases to accelerate the progress in some aspects. However, if we are not interested in spending any money, we can block this feature in the settings menu.

Source: GameZebo.