Half-Life can be played on Android Wear

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 07/24/2015

It is not the big news every fan of Half-Life is waiting, but it is a curious fact that shows how powerful can be a smartwatch. A user has created a port for playing Half-Life on Android Wear.

We have seen lately that there are developers trying to use a computer with Android Wear as in the watch or turn it into a PS1 to play such classic titles such as Spyro and Pokemon. But today we come to show you how a user managed to carry other game highly acclaimed by the gaming community and who crave a third part of the saga. Indeed, Half-Life has been ported to Android Wear. The famous game developed by Valve and so loved by the gaming community has come to the small screen of Android Wear watches.

Play it should not be easy at all, but if you want to try it can go to the page of the “creator” to find more information about what has been achieved. We leave you with a video so that you may see that Half-Life on Android Wear is real and that seems to work without problems (at least in the prologue of the campaign). Dave Bennet explains it in a video as you can run this game on Android Wear through SDLash App:

The minimum requirements for Half-Life seem to be successful for hardware that contains one of the current smartwatches with the Android Wear operating system, which results in a perfect emulation, which ultimately is not much but it’s amazing the achievements and results that we see on a day like today.

Obviously if you have not enjoyed it, this is not the best method to do it, but it would be interesting though any phone or tablet with much more power and some added connectivity to link a gamepad and resume the role of Gordon Freeman with his beloved crowbar.

Half-Life can be played on Android Wear