Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual ready for Android users

Hexamob 10/14/2013

Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual ready for Android users

– Emma Rossinyol –

Game manuals are changing. Many companies tend to reduce the costs of the classic game manuals, either summarizing the amount of information provided in paper or simply offering the game without any kind of manual (instructions only available in digital format). Rockstar, however, has found another solution for his recent Grand Theft Auto V: a mobile app named The Manual. It is a quite complete and interesting application (181 MB) instead of the classical and boring game manual.

The Manual contains over a hundred pages, explaining from the more basic things (like Game controls) to a tour through Los Santos and Blaine County. It also includes an interactive game map which you can zoom in and explore freely. You can find game features, information, activities and it provides a real taste of the game’s dynamic.


However, it’s been a long wait for Android users, who finally can enjoy Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual. When the game was launched, Rockstar offered two free applications to give the players some extra features: iFruit and The Manual. Neither of them was available to Android. Finally, we can enjoy part of what Rockstar promised a few weeks ago. You can directly download Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual (181 MB) hitting the widget below: