Google may show its wireless network during the day

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 04/22/2015

It is well known the interest of Google to create their own virtual mobile operator. Although we have the odd rumor about this project, there remains considerable uncertainty in this regard.

Although according to The Wall Street Journal, all these doubts and uncertainties could disappear soon, because Google could launch its own network operator this week, even today, April 22.

In this case, Google would act as as Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO and would currently be only available in the US under the firm of Sprint and T-Mobile – changing between signals depending on the intensity of these -, besides needing a Nexus 6 to work with it.

One of the main features of this new Google service is that users only pay for the amount of data that they would use in a month, something that could be differentiator from the competition, which forces us to hire bond data whether we use them whole or not. In the words of The Wall Street Journal, each user spent average $28 in unused data, which rate would be saved with Google. But the operator of Google offer more. Calling for Wi-Fi is another attraction that also allows the user to save some extra money.

Google may show its wireless network during the day

On paper, the new operator of Google – which name is still not known – looks good, though not without its problems and drawbacks. The first being that is only supports Nexus 6. The second, the pressure they can exert to American companies and their rates if Google provides such plans and data calls.

However, Google’s experiment could go very well. On one hand gives the user a cheap rate, and if he wants, even can purchase a Nexus 6, so sales of this phablet could be increased. We are aware of the American press to see if Google decides to launch today its attendant or otherwise delayed its release a couple of days.

Google may show its wireless network during the day