Google Glass last news

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 11/27/2013

Google Glass last news

During the last days, several news concerning the famous Google Glass has been appearing everywhere. Here you can find are a summary of some of the most recent ones.

Music. It seems that music will play a big role in Google Glass. Last November 12th, we found an official video were producer Young Guru used some music identification features to find a song that was played in a restaurant. And he uses what it seems like a proper set of stereo earbuds, not the bone-conducting speaker neither the new mono earbud. However, nothing official has been announced from Google Glass.

Google Play Music will be installed in the Glass, with full voice support and Google Play Music All Access available. Rolling Stone reported that Google Glass will officially have music functionality in the next two weeks, so we will see some news really soon.

Google Glass

Fun. The fun news of the week has been provided by A.J. Jacobs on November 21th in the article “Google Glass: What you’re not supposed to do”, published in Esquire magazine’s December issue. He decided to try things like reading “Moby-Dick” through the Glass or cheat at poker. It’s a really funny article to read.

More invitations. A couple of days ago, Google Glass sent more invitations to the people who have signed up for a chance to purchase the fancy wearable. Now the Explorer Program will include some more volunteers to expand the experience. The price is still $1500 plus a tax, and the colors are the same Charcoal, Shale, Tangerine, Cotton, and Sky.

Google Glass colors

Besides, the sneak peek of the GDK (Glass Developer Kit) is available now, so the developers can build new kinds of Glassware. We will see now how more apps appear, built with the new GDK.

If you want to learn more about Google Glass, sign up to let Google keep you informed, or even join the Explorer Program, you can visit the Glass website.

Source: Android Central.