Google acquires WIMM Labs to compete in the SmartWatch market.

Hexamob 09/3/2013
Smartphones and tablets have found a new competitor in the Android market, the smartwatches. These gadgets have become very interesting productos for large companies like Sony, Samsung, Google or Apple and actually they are a new market opportunity. Here, we have mentioned earlier about some of the most interesting projects like the Samsung Galaxy Gear or the SmartWatch Hot and now, it seems Google will be the next company to announce a new smartwatch. It is rumored for a long time with the possibility of a smartwatch manufactured by Google , but the details about this new product have always been less than the filtered from your competitors. Well, according to reports from GigaOM the Mountain View company has acquired WIMM Labs, a smartwatches manufacturer. So, Google would be preparing a an expert team in the manufacture of smart watches who along with Google developers could be making the first smartwatch of the Mountain View company. google_acquires_winnlabs_smartwatch_manufacturer The best of the acquisition of WIMM Labs is that this company has not only developed a smartwatch with a limited number of applications, but also launched its own program to let developers to make third-party apps that can operate independently of the smartwatch is connected to a mobile phone, providing additional functionality. Therefore, I hope Google will take all the work done by WIMM Labs to create an ecosystem and an SDK for applications of this new kind of gadget.