Bleep, protect your private conversations by BitTorrent

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 05/16/2015

There have been few applications as Telegram or Snapchat that have put the emphasis on the issue of privacy and have tried to make it the main attraction for a sector that is increasingly having more supply.

This week has appear a new player in this scenario: Bleep, an instant messaging application based on BitTorrent. This platform, as could not be otherwise, is built on the torrent technology, something that millions of people use every day to exchange files. It is available for both Android and iOS as well as versions for Windows and Mac, Bleep offers chat sessions and VoIP calls taped by the BitTorrent P2P network.

Its creators began to develop the application in the middle of last year until now, when the stable version has been presented, before it was only available and limited to developers. The main difference is that Bleep stores both keys and encryption codes as conversations on mobile and computer user devices themselves, not on their own servers.

Bleep, protect your private conversations by BitTorrent 1

Among the most interesting features presented is a ‘anti-screenshot mode’. This protection prevents screenshots to execute the commands needed when the app is open to avoid private conversations to be spread. Bleep allows the option to blur the photos or names, to prevent the author to show certain comments.

In short, this is an application that wants to make communications in a secure way, and its strength could not help but have a self-destruct mode for our messages. In this case, the function is called ‘Whisper’ and deletes the records just 25 seconds after being read, not leaving any copies of content hosted anywhere.

Bleep, protect your private conversations by BitTorrent