Amazon Underground is now available in 16 more markets in Europe

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 12/3/2015

Amazon Underground is now available officially in Europe, particularly in countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Switzerland. This new app store will be where we can find content that was previously paid, but totally free.

So not only we find applications with zero initial cost payment, but also the often abusive in-app purchases, become free of charge. Thus, it is just reaching a point in a game that is practically impossible to move forward if you do not spend some cash. Now, apps that used to be common in the typical free packs of Amazon (and many more) can be downloaded for free at any time. For example, we can find some pretty interesting apps as OfficeSuite Professional 8, which in Google Play has a cost of €16.

But where we really find a huge selection is in games, with as good titles as the magnificent of Google’s, Funny Goat Simulator, Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, Frozen Free Fall, or deliveries of the Angry Birds saga with purchases integrated access, among many others. Best of all is that the catalog will be expanded with the passage of time, because from birth makes just three months in USA, has doubled in number of applications and games. In short, this is a catalog valued at more than $10,000 as indicated by Amazon itself.

Amazon Underground is now available in in 16 more markets in Europe 1

To enjoy it, you only have to download the (APK) application and install it on your device by following the steps, so you’ll have to activate the option “Unknown sources” in the security settings of your Android. Without doubt, this movement is linked closely Amazon to compete against his great rival in the field of applications, Google Play. Historically, Amazon has tried to attract more users to his store with programs like the daily free app, and as noted above, with great free packs quite frequent, typically worth $100 or more.

Note that all applications in Amazon Underground are free of advertising of any kind, so that developers receive benefits directly from Amazon. In each country may vary, but in the most popular case, the trade will pay €0.0018 per minute of use of the applications. That is, if someone uses the app for 60 minutes, it will have generated a profit of just over 10 cents.

Amazon Underground is now available in 16 more markets in Europe