Android Vs IPhone 2013

Hexamob 02/7/2013
Gonna aps in 2013. We are not soothsayers but already beginning to see clear trends that things start to get complicated to Apple and its iPhone 5.
The Android-based smartphones are beginning to surpass all the features of the apple-capable devices. The androids of this new year with much to improve on proesadores Iphone 5 screens, memory and other specifications. You let something Apple does not seem to realize that it is recommended to confirm. Memory expansion via SD. We can not deny that the reliability and performance of the terminals with IOS is excellent, but it’s better than the android devices? not necessarily. You buy an Apple product is currently more an experience of faith in the brand to a product analysis and performance specifications in many cases if we compare android wins. A strength of the iPhone has been historically the design, but emplena android manufacturers have been stepping up and created sispositivos with excellent design with many variants that fit every taste, and also allows customization almost total graphical interface that we use, which is almost impossible in IOS. For applications that we install in our smartphones the results of this analysis are similar, because Apple now has more monetization is more “productive” or niche market is more willing to pay. But developers slowly begin to opt for programming and designing for android as this allows them more freedom and creativity. Do not forget that the most used applications and the trend is the utilization of google aplicacines that allow infinite resources united in all our devices, and many of these are also used in the iPhone, so that most users spend more time on the network using native applications on their devices. and you can not deny that in this google wins by ko to Apple. For all this it seems that Apple begins to innovate or dramatically google or alliance with manufacturers will pass over them and not even look back.