SRSRoot for Android phones and tablets

Hexamob 04/19/2013

SRSROOT is a root method with some simple, easy and quick steps to get the superuser (root) on your Android mobile phone and tablet. Follow the steps of srs root and you’ll be able to root your Android easily.

Steps of the method:

  1. Download SRS Root
  2. Install the app SRS Roott in your PC.
  3. Make sure that this enabled the resources of other platforms are google play. I can look at the following path: Menu> Settings> Unknown sources (ON)
  4. Put your phone on USB Debugging mode (activate checkbox on Settings>Development options>USB debugging or Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging).
  5. Make sure the Android drivers for your phone are installed in your pc. If not, you can find some drivers in this page.
  6. Connect your device to your PC via USB cable.
  7. Run SRS Root in your PC.
  8. Click on one of the ROOT options in this software, and wait till it’s finished.
  9. If you want to check if you are already root or superuser in your Android phone or tablet you can download HowToRoot app from Google Play Store and click over the padlock in the top-right of the screen. It will show you a message about if your device is rooted or not


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Android USB Drivers app


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Download sources:

Remember, you must root your device at your own risk.

Other important informations to read before rooting:

SRS-Root is an easy to use solution for rooting your android device, since the software contains multiple exploits to gain root access on your device.

  • SRS Root Supports Android versions 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
  • We can Root latest models like Samsung Galaxy S2 / S3, Note / Note2 etc
  • We have an Option to remove root from your device by one-click.
  • Powered by SRS Server *Safe Rooting without flashing your device*


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Legal conditions:

Hexamob is not responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by a rooting method. Any action for rooting your device is done it only under your responsibility.
We recommend that you read all the instructions related to each root method and follow them step by step as indicated by the developers. If you have any question or need support, on every page there are links to the developers of each method.

Android Rooting method: SRS Root