Moto X. Root Moto X from itself

Hexamob 10/25/2013

Steps about how to root Moto X with PwnMyMoto

PwnMyMoto is a root method available in XDA DEVELOPERS thread. PwnMyMoto will let you root your Motorola Moto X only if it runs ANDROID 4.2.2 version. So, you dont have to update to other Android versions if you want to run this root method on your Motorola Moto X.

As developers says: “PwnMyMoto exploits three vulnerabilities, to gain root access, then to gain write to system. This is a traditional root, and doesn’t use any ‘hackery’ to maintain su access unlike MotoRoot”.

Android rooting method: How to root Moto X from itself

  1. 1 – Set up your Motorola Moto X to let you install apps using APK files. screenshot-allow-unkown-sources
  2. 2 – Install PwnMyMoto by running command adb install -r PwnMyMoto-.apk or you can copy the APK file into your Moto X with an USB cable connected to your PC and then click over the PwnMyMoto APK file using a File Explorer in your Android Motorola Moto x. These APK files are available following links in Download sources section or going to Original XDA thread. screenshot-install-pwnmoto
  3. 3 – Then run PwnMyMoto clicking the icon in the Apps menu, depending on the current root status of your phone it will reboot 2 or 3 times, after the last reboot it will uninstall itself and su will be installed on the actual system partition.
  4. 4 – Install SuperSu app from the Google Play Store after this step is done. You have a link to SuperSu below in the Download sources section. screenchot-supersu-install

Important comments of developer

We have two boot modes in our device. First is normal, which boots regular Android, and in this case boots with system write protected. Second is recovery mode, normally it boots recovery without write protection. Our exploit will hijack recovery bootmode and boot Android without write protection.

After running this exploit, if you boot normally /system will be write protected. If you boot to “recovery”, Android will boot without write protection. If you wish to edit system, you must boot into “recovery” to do so, any changes made will stick and will work in either bootmode. My suggestion is to make your changes in “recovery” and run the device day to day in normal mode, until we are certain “recovery” mode will be 100% stable for day to day use.

The exploit will uninstall itself after successful exploitation.

Remember, don’t update the Moto X to newer versions.
The latest OTAs patch this exploit. If you update your Moto X to Android 4.3 or later version this root method will not run correctly.

Download USB DRIVER for Android

Download sources:

You have all these files available too in the XDA original thread (click in the link below in Sources section).
Please, go into original XDA thread and help developer for this work

Remember, you must root your device at your own risk.

Other important informations to read before rooting:

Be careful. Don’t update the Moto X. The latest OTAs patch this exploit. If you update your Android


Legal conditions:

Hexamob is not responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by a rooting method. Any action for rooting your device is done it only under your responsibility.
We recommend that you read all the instructions related to each root method and follow them step by step as indicated by the developers. If you have any question or need support, on every page there are links to the developers of each method.