Tutorial ADB Driver Installer

Hexamob 11/3/2013

ADB Driver Installer is a program developed by ADBDriver. This simple free software will allow you to connect your Android device on any PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

It is always preferable to have the specific driver created by the manufacturer, but in many cases it is almost impossible to find.

It’s in these cases when the installer is particularly useful. Below you will find the steps you must take to be able to use it.

Steps to install ADB Driver Installer

  1. Download ADB Driver Installer from the download resource section of this page.
  2. Enable the USB debugging option in your device and connect it to a PC. If you have Android 2.x, to enable it go to “Settings/Application/Development/USB Debugging” If you have Android 4.x, to enable it go to “Settings/Development Options/USB Debugging” If you have Android 4.2, to enable the USB debugging option go to “Settings / About phone”, and tap on “Build Number” seven times. This will enable the “Developer Options” and you will be able to go to “Settings/Development Options/USB Debugging” and select “USB Debugging”.

  3. Execute the file named AdbDriverInstaller.exe. When you open this file, it is likely that a pop-up window appears with a “Security Warning” sign as in the image below. This does not mean that the file is harmful, only that Microsoft has not officially certified this editor. Usually it is completely safe to click “Run” to install the driver.

  4. Once you have run the program a window pops up with a list of the connected Android devices. This list will tell us if the drivers are installed or not. If they are not installed, click on the Install button to begin the Installation. Detectando Android
  5. Before the installation process begins, it is likely that a window asks you if you agree that the application make changes on your computer. Accept and the installation process will begin.
  6. Once the installation process is over, the screen with the list of devices will appear again and will let you know if the Android drivers have been installed correctly. Click the close button and you can access your phone and your computer will recognize it perfectly. con fondo detectado

Download resources

Other important information. Read before updating your device’s drivers

This software is created for Windows XP/VISTA/7/8

It is possible that in cases in which the driver is available within the device (as is the case of some ZTE), the driver blocks any type of connection until the original drivers are installed and will display only an AutoRun option of the installation of the drivers.


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