Lakento MVR, the Virtual Reality Glasses made in Spain

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 12/4/2014

The virtual reality glasses Lakento, Lakento MVR, They were released on 16/10/2014, coinciding with its presentation at the Madrid Games Week. These glasses allow us to enjoy virtual reality video games for smartphones and watch movies in 3D.

It’s no secret that since last year, wearables are fashionable on mobile technology. Watches, bracelets, clothing and, in this case, glasses. Lakento MVR is a project for over a year by the company Lakento, consisting entirely of Spanish capital, under the direction of Victor Ruiz.

The product includes two games of last generation, Sharks VR and Flirt AR, with which you can experience 3D and virtual reality and augmented reality. Lakento MVR, las gafas de realidad virtual hechas en España-1

Sharks VR is a playable 3D virtual reality experience. In the game you dive on a reef, you can just dive (sharks do not attack) and your goal is to take pictures of all the fauna of the reef. If you select the option “Play”, sharks attack you and you can shoot harpoons to defend yourself. By moving the head with the visor you can see everything around and live a stunning 3D 360º experience.

Flirt AR, meanwhile, is presented as a kind of tool to flirt with augmented reality. “What we see through the viewfinder is similar to what Iron Man sees through his helmet,” they explain. The display shows you how possible “targets” have “compatibility” with you.

Lakento MVR does not need cables, you can use smartphones from 4 to 6 inches (both iPhone and Android) and incorporates 42 mm lens to provide a high quality of vision. Its design features a large foam for support in the face that allows you to preserve your own glasses set if the user needs them.

Lakento MVR also features two buttons for controlling applications like Google Cardboard App.