WhatsApp receives new emojis representing the major races

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 06/30/2015

The emojis are a fundamental part of instant messaging, so much that 38 new emojis will arrive next year representing some current trends as the so-called ‘selfie’.

However, WhatsApp had a pending task with these topic, because only certain emojis showed a skin color of certain races or ethnicities. In the latest update to version 2.12.161 have been implemented a number of them so that, according to the race of the person and the desire to use it to send their contacts with different skin colors known as dark, white or yellow.

These do not appear as normal because we keep pressing to display above the desired option, and if necessary it will open a small floating tab showing the different existing varieties. Logically it is only for those who represent people, hands and similar, with the rest not the case. They are only available since the last update that has not gone through Google Play but via external and safe installation of an apk file.

WhatsApp receives new emojis representing the major races 1

If the contact does not have the latest version you will not see the new emoji as a black or white square will appear without showing anything at all, so that all those who love these should make the jump to version 2.12.161 and you can enjoy them. Little more about it, for the moment no new notable exception appreciate the typical bug fixes and stability. But downplays and it is something that should have been implemented long ago.

Alongside the new racial overtones it has also introduced the ‘Victory’ greeting. A symbol of greeting created by separating the index and middle finger, and close little fingers with the palm forward.

WhatsApp receives new emojis representing the major races