WeChat exceeds 50 million users outside China

Hexamob 05/23/2013
wechat-messenger WeChat has a lot of ouser within China, where this instant messaging service is very popular. But last weeks, outside of China WeChat is growing very very fast and the popularity of the instant messaging service is being of record. WeChat have indicated that this service already has exceed 50 million users outside China. In order to know the importance of this, we have to take into account that some weeks ago the number of users outside China was less than 40 million users. It’s obvious the success of smartphones and specifically of Android to let users access to these type of services is the clue for this numbers. To let you understand the popularity of WeChat you have to know that within China they have more than 250 million users, it means actually they have more than 300 million users worlwide. A very important record that many other apps like WhatsApp and Line are trying to get. You can read more information about why to use Wechat in front of other instant messaging app like WhatsApp or Line here.
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