Toy Story: Smash it! available on Google Play.

Hexamob 03/5/2013
toy story smash it android gameThere is available on Google Play a new game perfect for your childrens.  It they like Disney films and exactly Toy Story films, you can give them a big surprise downloading the new Android game Toy Story: Smash it! It’s available for phones and tablets with Android OS 2.3 or higher and it can be purchased through the GooglePlay for $ 0.75. In this game, Buzz Lightyear has to go knocking down structures and killing the invading Martians launched various objects-mostly-balls with his hand and his strength “space”. The new game is made for players that can be adults and children. This app has the same structure like Angry Birds that combines ease of use with the challenge of going beyond 60 levels. The passing system levels, knocking over structures with Martians, is very similar to the Angry birds but Toy Story: Smash It! has been created in 3D and Buzz Ligthyear can change the shooting angle around the target. Try it!