The new Moto 360 appears on the streets of Chicago

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 09/15/2015

One of the most famous smartwatch has garnered in the ecosystem of Android Wear was Motorola Moto 360. Its circular design with elegant squares highlighted against competitive models. After a year it was hoped that a new generation of Android Wear watches came to our wrists, Motorola model being one of the most anticipated, and the arrival could be closer than we think.

Not the first time a device appears in the streets moments before launch, and incidents like the iPhone 4 was found in a bar before submission are moments that always remember with affection. On this occasion, it has been the new generation of Moto 360 which has decided to take a walk through the streets of Chicago, where a location of the headquarters of Motorola.

In the filtration we have a design that has few changes from the original model, maintaining good things like circular design and standard straps. On the other hand, we continue to the bottom black bar, the main point of criticism of the first generation, while the location of the power button would be the main change we can see at a glance.

This filtration give enough credence to the publication of Motorola where we could see the second generation of the clock. A lack of official confirmation, we’ll have to wait the next event from Motorola. What we see reminds us quickly to Moto 360 Original. Style remains solid, although there are some new details that can be seen in the video.

Finally autonomy is expected to improve substantially, but has not been a big problem with the first version, considering that we are still tied to the daily burden. Here the fact that the two images we see lit up the default display can give us a track appears.

The new Moto 360 appears on the streets of Chicago