The Humble Mobile Bundle 5 for Android is here!

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 04/15/2014

The Humble Mobile Bundle 5 for Android is here!

There is a new edition ready, the Humble Mobile Bundle 5 for Android, with three titles to buy at the price we want and four extra titles available if we pay over the average, currently slightly over $4.

These are the games we can get for an amazing price. The last four are unlocked only if we surpass the average.

Bag it! by Hidden Variable Studios

A puzzle with a fun twist: we must fit the products purchased into the bag. We need to organize them depending on its shape, weight and strength, and we have to organize them into the corresponding shopping bags.

R -TYPE II, by DotEmu

It is a sequel to the classic R- TYPE, a horizontal shooter arcade game from the late 80’s. We have a ship loaded with new weapons and we need to face again the Bydo Empire.

Aralon : Sword and Shadow, by Crescent Moon Games

A 3D RPG game from the creators of the acclaimed and award winning Ravensword: The Fallen King. In Aralon: Sword and Shadow, we will have a hero to explore the mysterious Kingdom of Aralon. We must keep in mind that the game is optimized for mobile device screens, not for tablets.

The Cave, Double Fine Productions

The Cave is an adventure game of the creator of Monkey Island, where we have to gather a team and head into the subterranean depths to explore all kinds of locations, from amusement parks to medieval castles.

The Room Two, Fireproof Games

The Room Two is a stunning three-dimensional physical puzzle in which we must solve the mysteries hidden in several rooms to escape the house. It has an outstanding graphics and a mysterious and absorbing atmosphere.

Carcassonne, of exozet

It is the mobile version of the classic board game. In turn, we will create a world with knights, farmers and thieves. We must build roads, cities, fields, farms and cloisters, and at the end of the game, the player with more points wins the game. A classic game that everybody should try.