Spaceteam, a great multiplayer game

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 12/27/2013

Spaceteam, a great multiplayer game

Spaceteam is a local multiplayer game to enjoy with a group of friends. Players can connect their devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and they will be part of a team that tries to ‘pilot’ a spaceship.

Each player receives a control panel and he will receive simple instructions on what actions need to be done. Orders are very basic, such as turn off or on a certain button, turn a dial from 1 to 5, move a lever up or down … so far so easy. The difficulty begins when we realize that we do not have all the controls that we are asked to change, but some are located on the control panels of other team members.


Each person gets a different control panel, and the instructions that we must follow to keep the ship from explode are not always in our panel, so we have to ask someone else to do it. At this point, the madness begins. We have a certain time to execute each instruction, and we need to ask someone else to do something, but the other team members are themselves taking orders that cannot fulfill. The moment we start playing, Spaceteam makes us shout all sort of instructions to our teammates, and trying to meet their simultaneous requests.


All this without mentioning that the instructions use a pseudo technologic language, such as “Flush the four-stroke plucker!”. When we overcome one level and start the next one, the panels change, and chaos begins again. As we surpass levels, the difficulty increases. Controls are no longer having names and they have drawings instead, which further complicated the communication.


It’s an incredibly fun game to enjoy with some friends. It is free and available for iOS and Android.

More information at: Spaceteam.