Sony confirms the update to Android Nougat for the following models

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 08/24/2016

Android Nougat is obviously the topic of the month, and after seeing the main novelties and where to download it, all of you are probably wondering what devices will be updated. Sony immediately puts the facts straight, announcing exactly what smartphones will get Android 7.0 Nougat.

While we do not know the release dates, Sony is committed thus to update the following models: Xperia Z3+, Xperia Z4 Tablet, Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia Z5 Premium, Xperia X, Xperia XA, Xperia XA Ultra and Xperia X Performance. In practice, the Sony high-end line-up, from Z3+ onwards, and let’s wait for the Xperia Z3 and its hopeful users.

As you can see there are tablets and smartphones, all from the Xperia Z line and until the latest Xperia X. The oldest device included is the Xperia Z3+, which was released in the early part of 2015. What is missing, unfortunately, is a certain timing (or at least some vaguely) of when it will be released the update to Android 7.0 Nougat even though some time ago had begun testing the beta version for a limited range of models and units altogether. This would assume that users may see the update officially arriving before the end of the year (thanks to the fact that this version of the operating system was first released compared to what happened on the other operating system versions).

Sony confirms the update to Android Nougat for the following models 1

But apart from the surprises, we expect the list to get bgger with the Sony Xperia Z3 and others, because it took part of the dissemination program of the Developer Preview of Android N. But it may seem a paradox, since in fact the Xperia Z3 was a former topclass smartphone, but seems to have reached the end of its life to make room for the newcomers.

Google’s new operating system is ready to debut. We’ve told in detail in this article, and we also have listed the Nexus both smartphones and tablets that will enjoy the update. Well, Sony proves to be in the front line and -after the Android N Developer Preview program- is now on the shields for the actual update. More news, in particular regarding the timing, will be known shortly on the usual channels of the company, which obviously proclaims to be excited about Nougat.

Sony confirms the update to Android Nougat for the following models