Rhombus allows you to pay through SMS

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 06/22/2015

Payment via mobile phone is certainly the future, but so far almost all the systems to do so are linked to a credit card or debit card, excluding those who do not use one.

But Rhombus is a system that seeks not require to buy something using your mobile phone, it is as simple as paying through a text message. To make a payment, simply send an SMS or text message to a special number with the order you want to perform, for example “Two pizzas” to ask for money. The system confirms the order and automatically pays debit from your checking account associated with the service.

It is compatible with any phone without any app. The system is already functional and has performed more than 3,600 operations totaling $400,000. Unlike applications like Square, Rhombus not require any app and everything is done through ordinary messages between the user and the vendor text.

Rhombus allows you to pay through SMS 1

Edwin Elodimuor and Taiwo Oyeniyi, the creators of this system, wanted to facilitate donations to the local church which is usually limited to the collection of cash or checks during mass on Sunday, but soon saw the interest of traders to adopt this new system payment.

The system works with any phone and does not require to register on any list of messaging, but pay is as simple as sending a message.

Rhombus allows you to pay through SMS