Opera for PC and Android with adblock integrated

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 05/5/2016

After about two months of testing, the software company announced the availability of new versions of Opera for desktop and Opera Mini for Android with ad-blocker integrated. The technology allows you to surf safer and faster loading of web pages that contain a lot of advertisements. For increased privacy online you can use the free built-in VPN Developer version for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Both Norwegian browsers can not compete with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer in terms of market share, but the presence of an ad-blocker is definitely an added bonus. The advantage over the competition is due to the banner blocking without the use of extensions. According to calculations by the company, Opera for desktop loads pages at speeds of up to 89% higher than Chrome without ad-blocker and 45% higher than Chrome with AdBlock Plus installed.

An ad-blocker integrated into the browser also allows a lower memory consumption. For example, Chrome with 10 tabs open occupies 1,274 MB, while Opera for Windows with 10 tabs open and ad-blocker activated occupies only 604 MB. Opera Mini for Android increases the speed of loading pages up to 40%. This adds to the saving of data (up to 90%) obtained with the compression technology.

Opera for PC and Android with adblock integrated 1

One feature, this, definitely very useful on mobile devices where data traffic made available by the operators is often little. Be noted that the ad-blocker will be integrated in the browser, that will become an integral part of the two programs. This means that users will not have to install any extension or add-on but only enable it through the dedicated option.

For Opera this is a considerable forward step. Surely this browser can not count on a large pool of consumers as that of Firefox or Chrome, however, the arrival of this security solution could encourage the arrival of all those conscious users always looking for security surfing the Web.

Opera for PC and Android with adblock integrated